Understanding stocks portfolio score

Overall portfolio score is based on Quality, Valuation and Technicals

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Understanding stocks portfolio score

Overall portfolio score is calculated based on the weighted average of the each stock score and current value.

For stocks where score is not available, we ignore those stocks in the overall stock calculation.

Understanding portfolio score

Generally, the scores are assigned between 0-10 where a score of over 5 is considered good and a score under 3 is considered bad. A score between 3-5 is considered average/neutral. You can understand the overall score

Quality Valuation and Technicals are the different parameters set using the fundamentals, technicals and historical performance of each individual stocks.

  1. Quality: Quality Score indicates good and consistent financial performance: stable revenues, profits, cash flows and low debt.
  2. Valuation: A High Valuation Score indicates the stock is competitively priced at current P/E, P/BV and share price.
  3. Technicals: A High Momentum Score indicates the stock is seeing buyer demand, and is bullish across its technicals compared to the rest of the stock universe.

Stock score is based on combination of these three scores. There is higher weightage to Quality score compared to Valuation and Technicals.

Investors should carefully consider these recommendations, but ultimately should make their own decisions based on their individual financial goals and risk tolerance.

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