About us

Long term investing is so much getting the right habits, keeping our emotions in check and always making decisions keep the long-term view in mind.

Most of the current investing platforms are transactional platforms. They make most of their money when users trade on their platforms. Customers get the flexibility to buy or sell anytime, very quickly. Since it’s easy to buy or sell and there is way to cross-check decisions, investors end up making irrational choices, which end up being costly in the long term. We want to build a different product where it’s hard to make investing mistakes.

We believe that with the right tools and correct expert support, we can empower investors to do much better financially and achieve their goals seamlessly. We know it’s really hard to build something like that and making it a business model. But, we feel it’s worth trying.

We are on a mission to reduce the time and effort it takes to figure out where to invest, track whether the investments are doing well, navigate the volatile markets in a much better way and build wealth in long term.

We are building Investo to solve problems of people around us. We hope to help many Indians to invest through a structured approach.

Our values

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We believe in taking ownership and delivering projects we take up. We are biased towards building things in the right way for our customers

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We are committed to building amazing products for our customers and constantly build towards that

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It's important for us to push boundaries and build innovative products that a huge impact and last a long time

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Team work

Team work is at the heart of what we do at Investo. We collaborate and work in small teams to ship products

Meet our team

Our team comes with 20+ years of combined past experience in building scalable technology first product that are used by millions of users
Manish Reddy, CEO - Investo
Manish Reddy
Previously AVP Product at Paytm Money
IIT Bombay Alumni
Abhishek SInha, CTO Investo
Abhishek Sinha
Previously Engg Manager at Paytm Money
IT-BHU CS Alumni

We're hiring!

If you are interested in joining an early-stage startup team that is building technology first scalable investing products, drop an email to manish@investo.in.